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May 2014

The Rev. Wendy Pantoja

Theme: Celebration
We are at that time of year when everyone is trying to finalize their summer plans. But before we take off it is important to take a look at the past year in our religious community and make some decisions for the coming congregational year. We have had much to celebrate and have much to anticipate—all good.

One highlight was celebrating 75 years as a congregation. This congregation has a rich history that points to the potential of a meaningful future in Miami. May the next 75 years be even richer.

In December we welcomed several new members. While we do that every year, this group hit the ground running, joining groups and committees even before the New Members Ceremony. They contribute greatly in our worship and music ministries and in other capacities as well. Their presence has added a new vitality to what was already here.

The commitment to social justice had several members and visitors showing up for events focused on the mass incarceration of people of color. The New Jim Crow reading group had some lively discussions and has expressed an interest in working toward restoring citizens’ rights to those who have already served their time and revamping the laws that are creating a second class citizenry among Americans of color.  Besides the reading group we also had a couple of movies that helped us witness some of the injustices of our prison system.

We also celebrated the service of two staff persons who left in pursuit of career goals. We wish all the best to Zoltan Bakos and Monica Rizzo and also to Carl DuPont who will be leaving in June. 

In just a few weeks you will be making decisions about officers and trustees and about the budget that will be undergirding our shared ministry next year. I hope you have attended the budget workshop and have been in communication with the Board of Trustees about this and other decisions you will be making on May 18th. 

In this month of celebration, let us rejoice in all the good things that have come about this year of which only a very few are mentioned in this column. And, let us band together so that next year we will have even more to celebrate.

En paz y fe,

Rev. Wendypaz

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