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June 2013

The Rev. Wendy Pantoja

The votes are in. You have decided on new trustees, members of the Leadership Development Committee, and the budget. Now we enter into a time of transition and planning so the new fiscal and congregational year can get off to good strong starts.

In between the old and the new we take time out to recover from the busyness of the year that is closing and recharge the spirit for the wonderful works of ministry that await us in the new. Sabbaths, sabbaticals, and vacations are as essential to our care of the spirit as our other spiritual practices. A constant bombardment of tasks and obligations can only serve to exhaust us and lead to burnout. So be kind to your spirit and plan a restful respite that will help you refresh, renew, and recharge.

Whether you are traveling near or far to be with friends, family, or to explore places that have intrigued you for a while, do not forget to bring back a sample of water for our Water Ceremony in September. You may also want to stop by a Unitarian Universalist congregation in the area and be with other folks who have chosen the same faith as you, only in a different location. Please give them our warm regards and bring back an idea or two that you think may help enhance our ministry here.

Because I took my vacation in August, the beginning of my work year, I will be on study leave in July. Then I will bring my new work year into a more usual pattern for ministers by starting it with some study time. Although this means stalling my vacation for a few months, I am grateful for this back-to-back study time. It will give me plenty of time to pay attention to my professional development and to plan the congregational year ahead. It will be a time to meet with some of the committees, sometimes in retreat. I will still be available by telephone and email and may pop into the office from time to time. So if you need to speak with me, it would be best to make an appointment since my office hours will be put to rest during my study time. August is not all study time, though, for I will be leading two worship services mid-month.

So as many begin to part in different directions, let us remember why we are taking a break and be kind to our spirit. Please remember that you have a spiritual home here that will be eager to receive you when you return. Travel safely and enjoy your summer adventures.

En paz y fe,
Rev. Wendypaz

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