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July & August 2013

The Rev. Wendy Pantoja

This two-month edition of our newsletter reminds us that it is that time of year that our congregational life slows down a bit. The professional staff is away on study leave or vacation. Many of the congregants have already taken off or will do so at some point during the next few months in search of new adventures with family and friends in places known and unknown. Others will try to create their own adventures right here in town while keeping cool during the hottest days.

Whatever you do and wherever you go, please remember that this is a time of respite for the body and for the soul.  Do not make the mistake of cramming this time with so much that when it is over you will feel as if you need a vacation to recover from the vacation you just had.  When you visit a new place, do not try to see everything there is to see in the short time you will be there.  No matter how many days or even weeks you may spend in one place there will never be enough time to see it all or take advantage of everything it has to offer.

There was a time when I would tire myself out trying to seeing every exhibit in a museum in one day or trying to go to all the attractions a place had to offer in a very short period of time.  That is an impossible task in many places.  When I learned to concentrate on only a few things, my trips were more memorable than before.  My body was less tired, my spirit was more nourished, and the motivation to return to that place in some future time was greater.   

So, when you set out on your summer adventures, make the time to renew, refresh, and re-energize.  When you wake up each morning, decide to live for the day that has just been given you and treat it as a most precious gift.  Viva today!

Have a wonderful, restful summer!

En paz y fe,
Rev. Wendypaz

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