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December 2013

The Rev. Wendy Pantoja

The UUCM is a congregation that welcomes all people of good will:   

  • whoever you are
  • whatever your gender, age or ability,
  • whatever your beliefs or cultural background,
  • whomever you love,
  • whatever your gifts.
    You are welcome here.  

  • How fortunate for us to invite such richness into our midst that helps shape our spiritual journey together. Guided by our principles, this is a place where every person is accepted as being worthy of our respect and love. This is a place where we encourage each other’s spiritual growth while cultivating our own.


Many of us believe that revelation is not sealed and the texts we hold sacred are many—from what are considered to be the sacred writings of the world religions, to secular writings, to the experience of our daily lives. We are free to choose that which resonates with us and which can serve as anchor at least while we navigate from one revelation to another. Along the way, we discover that many truths co-exist harmoniously even if they come from different spiritualities. And just as often as our paths converge with others and our truths mix and meld and evolve into new ones, there are bound to be those with which we differ. And so, this is also a place where we learn the discipline of respecting difference.

    Sometimes it may be tempting to joke about or poke fun at a belief that we reject or might have abandoned. However, we need to stop and think as to whether or not we may be hurting someone in our midst with those words—a member, a visitor, a staff member. And so it may be best to leave those words unsaid and lean into our principles and our higher selves.


At the same time, should such words escape the best judgment of the speaker, please do not take personal offense if what is being mocked is one of your personal beliefs. Instead, let us begin with the first of our four-step process in resolving differences among us.  In a covenantal conversation, let the speaker know that you have been hurt by it. Chances are you will get a heartfelt apology and the incidence of a recurrence will have been reduced.

    Religion is about being bound together in a spiritual search for truth and meaning. At its core are right relationship—compassionate, loving, covenantal relationship. May we walk together in the ways of truthfulness, service, holiness and love.

    En paz y fe,

    Rev. Wendypaz

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