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February 2012

The Rev. Wendy Pantoja

Now that we have settled well into our first year of shared ministry, we can better enjoy the commitments we have made to each other, to the life of this congregation, and to our ongoing relationship with our denomination and with the world. The most fundamental of these is being stewards of our congregation by sharing generously of our time, talent, and treasure.  In so doing, we ensure the viability of this liberal religious community that nurtures our spirit and heals our soul.

As we look toward the next congregational year for ways in which we will minister to each other, to the greater Miami community and to the world, you have come up with some wonderful ideas. Among them are: building a hearty adult faith development program, providing scholarships for current and would-be leaders to hone their skills and represent us in the shaping of our denomination, and partnering with other social justice organizations as we endeavor to live our Unitarian Universalist principles.

The reasons that compel you to be generous stewards are many. Some of you are grateful for the abundance of care and understanding that fills our spirit through our connections. Others want to do their part in nurturing the legacy of love, compassion, and justice you have inherited so you can pass it on to future generations. Still others speak to wanting to make a compassionate and joyous difference in the world. You probably have many others.  

Whatever your reasons may be for being good stewards of this congregation, please be sure to share them during our annual budget drive. This campaign will be launched with an all congregation dinner on February 4th. On Sunday, we will be hearing some specific ways in which your generosity of time, talent and treasure will make a difference in our liberal religious community. Throughout the drive, stewardship consultants from UUCM will be very happy to help with your discernment. Please do not hesitate to avail yourselves of their expertise and willingness to help.  

As mosaic makers and weavers of the dream, let us join our efforts for the vibrant continuity of this community of memory and hope.

En paz y fe,
Rev. Wendypaz

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