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June 2012

The Rev. Wendy Pantoja

Ministry is 
a quality of relationship between and among human beings that beckons forth hidden possibilities; inviting people into deeper, more constant more reverent relationship with the world and with one another . . . 
                 -Gordon McKeeman

Our first year of settlement is coming to a close with the promise of more wonderful ministry together in the coming years. A lot of healing has taken place and new joy, vitality, and pride in what we are creating together is rising. The pride is not the vain kind that seeks aggrandizement just for the sake of boasting. It is the kind that comes from participating actively and enthusiastically in our shared ministry.  It is measured not in quantity but in quality and how that contributes to creating the beloved community we all dream about.

Many people associate ministry with the ordained religious professional who is called by a congregation as its spiritual leader. While that is true, ministry cannot be done by one person or one set of religious professionals alone. Ministry is also done by the lay members of a religious community. Because these efforts are joined in a common mission, it is referred to as shared ministry. You participate in shared ministry every time you

  • Attend worship or other congregational event
  • Participate in governance
  • Work in a committee or task force
  • Welcome a visitor
  • Volunteer to be on the serving or cleanup crew of an event
  • Share your time, talent, and treasure
  • Support our children and youth in their formation
  • Support the work of the paid staff
  • Become part of the volunteer staff
  • Support a fellow congregant in a time of need
  • Help carry our mission into the wider Miami community
  • Celebrate the joys and accomplishments of one and all

To those of you who are already doing any of these things, I extend a most heartfelt thank you and look forward to more shared ministry with you. To those who have been shy, I encourage you to participate to the extent you can—volunteer for a one-time event, make needed phone calls, cook something for a potluck lunch. To participate in community is to take ownership of what you help to create and to bring the vitality that will have others saying, “I want to be with them!”. And let us not forget the burdens you will lighten, the new friends you will make, and the spirits you will uplift, including yours.

Congratulations on this wonderful first year together! I cannot wait to see what the future may bring as we endeavor to make UU Miami a beacon of light and hope in our corner of the world.

En paz y fe,
Rev. Wendypaz

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