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March 2014

The Rev. Wendy Pantoja

Theme: Am I My Sibling’s Keeper?
During the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1960s I would often say that I believed in people’s liberation.  This was acknowledgment of the fact that in order for women to be free of some of the unfair restrictions imposed upon them, men also had to be liberated from the worldview that justified them.  Was I pleasantly surprised when I came upon an interfaith calendar that described March as Gender Equality Month!  While this source talks of only men and women, in order to draw a more inclusive circle, I would paraphrase their description as a time to honor all genders and meditate on their equality and the respect due them.

And so this month, I encourage us to honor the achievements of women and to honor those of all genders who have helped and continue to help women blaze a trail to equality.  Let us also focus on the work that is yet to be done and calls us to support and participate in their struggle.  

Also happening this month is the renewal of our commitment to this religious community.  It is our investment of time, talent, and treasure that supports the shared ministry we enjoy.  During the month of March we give special attention to our financial support of this religious community where we come to be with people who share our deepest values.  It is here where we bring our children so their hearts and souls can be influenced by reason, compassion, justice, and love.  The time and talent you so generously give goes a long way to building energy, enthusiasm, and the creative power that guide our participation in our ministries.  We are so grateful for that!  

It is the treasure you pledge that gives us a place to meet with our siblings in faith and allows us to employ the talented staff that helps our work of supporting the mission of this wonderful congregation.  It is your pledge of treasure that sustains and expands our ministry in the world as we endeavor to make this a more gentle, just, and compassionate place for all of its inhabitants.  Your generosity is most welcome and appreciated as you pledge with your heart.

Let us be reminded that we are all part of a network of mutuality—part of the interdependent web of all existence.  Let us be reminded that we are all our siblings’ keepers.

    En paz y fe,

    Rev. Wendypaz

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