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April 2014

The Rev. Wendy Pantoja

Theme: Doing Church Together
Passover, Easter and the Equinox converge at this time of year, summoning up ideas of rebirth and renewal.  We see it in the ducklings following their mothers around.  Our landscape becomes lusher as shrubs and trees fill up the spaces of the leaves dropped over the last few months.  And, yes, the temperatures begin to rise, the rains return and soon there will be more daylight hours than nighttime hours—all requisite elements that produce the colorful and verdant Floridian landscapes.  In our busyness, we do not notice right away and when we do it is as if we are reawakening.

Perhaps because of all these changes, we pay more attention to the calendar and realize that another congregational year is almost over.  Already we are being invited to join some important gatherings like our congregation’s annual meeting, District Assembly and General Assembly.  These are all business meetings in which we not only review the past year but also make faithful decisions for the year ahead.  It is at such gatherings that we become much more conscious of the democratic process which is an important part of doing church together. 

Doing church together is also about all we do throughout the year—worship, social activism, caring for our buildings and grounds, exploring new spiritual practices in one of our spirituality groups, educating our children who are the inheritors of our Unitarian Universalist heritage, caring for each other, governance and just about anything we do.  It is about our shared ministries which call us to share our gifts as we co-create
“a liberal religious community that: 

  • provides a safe space for spiritual and ethical exploration, education, discourse and dialogue;
  • respects human diversity, dignity and rights; 
  • pursues personal and world peace; 
  • and promotes protection of natural resources of the world.”

En paz y fe,

Rev. Wendypaz

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