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His House Post 18 Program


His House Children's Home - Post 18 program

The Social Justice Committee has decided to launch a long term campaign of support for the His House
Children's Home – Post 18 program. His House shelters unaccompanied minors that arrive from other countries.  Some are running away from abuse or have been victims of trafficking. When they turn 18 they must leave the Children's home. Before the financial crisis, His House rented a home next to the Children's home where the "Post 18" youngsters could live until their work papers come through – sometimes just a few months. While at the shelter, they work on obtaining their GRE and English as a Second Language courses – a requirement for the visa.  But they have had to close down the Post-18 home. So many of these youth end up in homeless shelters which is not an ideal environment for such young people. They often leave and sleep on the beach.

So starting in April and every other month for the next year we will designate His House for the 3rd Sunday
outreach. The goal is to raise the $1600 needed to pay for one month of rent for the "Post 18 home". Our Social Justice lunch fundraisers will also help to contribute towards this goal. The hope is that other congregations will step up and fund the other 11 months.

For more information about this organization visit their web site at