Sunday Services Archive

January 6th: The Goat in the Pickup Truck

– Rev. Janet Onnie

Many Unitarian Universalists subscribe to process theology, which asserts that change is inevitable and continuous.  Using a story by Meg Barnhouse we will affirm that notion and explore ways in which we might more easily cope with changing circumstances in a way that honors the values of our free religion.

Grateful for your generosity, today we will collect the Guest At Your Table Boxes.

January13th: He Led, They Walked, We Remember

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja             
Two days before the anniversary of his birth, we remember a man who led Americans to freedom and those who helped him lead us there.

January 27th: The Haunting Church

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja    
We claim to have resigned the theologies and religious affiliations of the past.  Yet they still haunt us.  How can we make peace with these ghosts?