Sunday Services Archive

June 2nd: All the Colors of the Rainbow

– Rev. Wendy, Monica Rizzo, & Friends

Scientifically, a rainbow is an arc of light that displays all of the visible colors of the spectrum.  Spiritually, a rainbow offers much more as we examine colors in nature, in song, in humans-all the colors that combine to make the astounding beauty of our world.  Join us for our "Religious Education Sunday" as we explore the rainbow and also recognize our teachers at our annual Teacher Appreciation.

June 9th: High Tea at Low Tide

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja
A treasured vacation experience becomes a reminder of the importance to take time out to refresh, renew, and recharge the spirit.  How will our vacations provide a sabbatical for the spirit?

June 16th: O Father, Where Art Thou?

– Michael Malone & Friends    
There are a few, the fortunate, whose fathers have played an active and engaged role in their lives, yet many have grown up wanting more presence and attention from their dads, wondering maybe: “O Father, Where Art Thou?” The reasons for a father’s absence are as varied as the shades of color in stained glass. Many fathers, even those divorced or separated, today are seeking to stay engaged in their children’s lives. In this Father's Day Service we’ll hear from several dads about the riches that fathering brings and the challenges they face “to be there” for their child.

June 23rd: The Power of Words

– Melissa Jacobs       
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me..or will they? Our words have great power--power to help, power to heal, and power to hurt. This service will focus on the power of our words and the importance of choosing them carefully.


June 30th: Standing on the Side of Science: Lifting the Anti-Gay Blood Donation Ban

-A LGBTQ Pride Service Presented by Social Justice and Welcoming Congregation Committees
We will explore local and national efforts to end the FDA's outdated and discriminatory policy banning blood donations by gay men and how we as a congregation can make our voices heard to honor our UU principles of "the inherent worth and dignity of every person", "justice, equity, and compassion in human relations", and our commitment as a Welcoming Congregation to speak out when the rights and dignity of LGBTQ people are at stake.