Sunday Services Archive

July 7th: Gifts of the Earth

– Roxane Pickens

Inspired by earthy elements, this service reflects on sticks and stones, rocks and bones, and some of the ways that grounding symbols can encourage us to create and maintain a loving, compassionate, peaceful, and just existence. Featured are selections from and responses to Unitarian minister and theologian James Luther Adams’s (1901-1994) sermon, “Five Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion.”

July 14th: The People Who Influence Us

– Thelma Tucker
During our lifetime our parents, teachers, co-workers and friends influence and help mold our personalities. Let us reflect and explore these factors.

July 21st: “Othering” in Light of Our UU Principles

– Gregg Moore    
“Othering” is an ancient reality, originally a survival skill thought to be hard-wired into us by evolution because of the advantages of a tribe over autonomous individuals.  Once complex societies developed, however, it is perhaps more of a flaw than a skill.  How do our Unitarian Universalist principles inform us, both when we are the “Other” and when we are the “Otherer”?

July 30th: Unfinishe

– Selva Joseph   
Why do I want my epitaph to read UNFINISHE?

I don’t believe everything I think. So, therefore self-doubt leads me to wonder over everything.

I will revisit PERFECTIONISM in an attempt to understand. the questions that still plague me. Will I go to a hereafter still pondering man/womans’s age old search for meaning?

Come explore with me and see why I am still UNFINISHED!And while there ask if this is a healthy stance for a UUCM member?

July 15th: The Four Agreements

– Lexie Pfetxer       

We can live our lives better and more happily based on four simple, yet universal principles. Come. Let us explore why it is a good idea to try.