Sunday Services Archive

January 1st: Out with the Old, In with the New

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja
The new year presents us with a clean slate during which we can work on making our personal and collective dreams a reality.  Come, join us for a fire communion that gives us an outlet for letting go of the negativities of the year that just ended and invites into our lives our highest aspirations.  This is an intergenerational service that welcomes seekers of all ages.

January 8th: We Come Bearing Gifts

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja
On this first worship service after the winter holidays, we return bearing gifts—among them, gifts of thoughtfulness and generosity as we collect our contributions to the Guest at Your Table campaign.  What other gifts do we have to share with each other and with the world?

On this day we will collect the Guest at Your Table donations you have been accumulating so generously.

January 15th: Expanding Our Ministries, Building Our Future

– Paula Cole Jones & Rev. Wendy Pantoja
The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an excellent example of one devoted to the work of inclusion.  What lessons can we take to heart as we endeavor to be good stewards of our liberal religious movement?