Sunday Services Archive

February 5th: ¡Sí, se puede!  Yes, We Can!

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja
Come!  Let us explore ways in which our stewardship will help this congregation live into its commitments of being a multicultural congregation, raising our voices for social justice, and helping develop leaders who will take us into the future.

February 12th: Creating Beloved Community

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja   
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. observed that creating beloved community requires “a qualitative change in our souls” and “a quantitative change in our lives.”  How much are we willing to give of ourselves in order to realize this dream?

A multicultural lunch will follow.  Please bring a dish to share that is representative of your cultural background or of one that calls you to deeper relationship.

February 26th: On Being Good for Nothing

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja
Although a creedless religious movement, Unitarian Universalism is grounded in an ethic of relationality.  What does this mean in our daily living?