Sunday Services Archive

July 1st: Cultivating Creativity: A Poetry Ministry

– Derrick Mustelier
Today we embark on a journey through the mind of a poet as we celebrate the beautiful poetry of UUs as well as some non-UUs and reflect on just how easy it can be to cultivate creativity in our own lives using the written word.

July 8th: Bringing It Home: Sharing the Wisdom of Justice GA

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja & Friends

UUCM’s delegates to Justice General Assembly will share their experiences of justice ministry in Phoenix Arizona.  Come and learn how these experiences help us transform immigration justice in Miami.

July 22th: Reflection on Conflicts and Reaffirmation of Peace: A Scientific Quest

– Daniel Wang              
We are faced with conflicts daily, and see them on the news around the world. Can conflicts be avoided, if so, how? Science actually has a lot to teach us about conflicts, and our behavior in general as a biological species, as well as social beings. Today we will reflect on the history of human conflicts and conflict resolution to reaffirm core principles of Unitarian-Universalism.

July 29th: Enough! On the Road to Happiness

– Selva Joseph 

My cousin who is a therapist always asked this question: “But, are you Happy?” I have always been puzzled by it. Now, I will share my ponderings. No need to bring a road map.