Sunday Services Archive

August 12th: Not Yet Free

– Art Friedrich
Come and explore what freedom means, the privileges and responsibilities it brings, and the ways in which we are, and are not free.

August 19th: Talk that Talk

– Roxane Pickens               
Summertime is a wonderful time for conversation, communication, and communion with what surrounds us. Come and have a chat with a Talking Stick (and each other!), and consider how the concept of “Namaste” quietly transforms the speaking, listening, and hearing that we share.

August 26th: From Play-dough to Plato

– Melissa Jacobs & Chris Kirchner              
Education is defined as “the process of training and developing the knowledge, skill, mind and character” of students. But today policy has redefined it as the ability to pass a test. This service will explore this shift in perspective and show the importance of fighting for our children’s right to a thoughtful and enriching education.