Sunday Services Archive

October 7th: A Is for Aardvark

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja

Join us this Sunday for a blessing of the animals.  Your pet, favorite stuffed animal, or a picture of a beloved pet or fictional animal character are invited, too.  This will be a family service.  Bring your parents, your children, your aunts, uncles, and cousins, and your chosen family of friends.  Leashes and appropriate animal carriers for your animal friends will be gratefully appreciated. 

October 14th: From Play-dough to Plato 

– Melissa Jacobs & Chris Kirchner              
Education is defined as “the process of training and developing the knowledge, skill, mind and character” of students. But today policy has redefined it as the ability to pass a test. This service will explore this shift in perspective and show the importance of fighting for our children’s right to a thoughtful and enriching education.

October 21st: Speaking Unitarian 

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja        
Certain words when spoken in a Unitarian Universalist setting can come across as nails scratching on a chalkboard.  Is it because we are allowing the religious right to define them?  Can any of these words have a broader meaning that resonates with our religious sensibilities?  Come, join us for the service.  Then stay for a brief discussion. 

October 28th: The Right of Conscience...

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja              
In a few weeks we will be participating in one of the most important elections of our lives.  How can we make a faithful decision that honors our political leanings and our guiding principles at the same time?