Sunday Services Archive

November 4th: They Are with Us Still

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja

In this service that commemorates the Day of the Dead, we honor the memory of those who helped shape our lives and are now departed. Call it spirit. Call it soul. Call it memory. They live in us and influence our life’s journey.

November 11th: Now What?

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja              
A few days ago we exercised our right of conscience and the use of the democratic process in society at large.  Regardless of the results, how do we move forward?  How do we live with the decisions made?

November 18th: Transcending Boundaries

– Luigi Ferrer & Art Friedrich        
We are all different, yet in so many ways we are all the same.  This service calls us to honor our 1st and 3rd UU principles:  to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and our acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth.  Two days before Transgender Day Of Remembrance (November 20th), we will hear about the experiences of Transgender youth in our community, examine our differences and what unites us all.  This lay-led service is brought to you by the Welcoming Congregation Committee.  To further explore some of the topics brought up during the service there will be a Transgender Community Panel in the Sanctuary after the service.

November 25th: The Many Faces of Gratitude

– Rev. Wendy Pantoja              
The bounty of gifts in our lives is so plentiful that on this Sunday after Thanksgiving we are still expressing gratitude.  Some pray.  Some say thank you.  And some share it or pass it forward.  Today we will launch the Guest at Your Table campaign to help those who struggle to meet their basic human needs.