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August 11th: Bringing it Home: Sharing the Wisdom of General Assembly

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– Rev. Wendy Pantoja & Friends

This year’s theme at General Assembly is “From Promise to Commitment.”  UUCM’s delegates to General Assembly will share their experiences and insights. Come and learn how these experiences help us in our congregational goals of the coming year.

August 18th: Return Again

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– Rev. Wendy Pantoja    
As our summer leisure time enters its final weeks and days, we scurry for our last hurrahs.  Yet a new chapter awaits us when we return again to our usual lives.  What might that look like in our personal lives and in our congregational life?

August 25th: The Power of Words II-Stigma

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– Julie Prentice 
The power of words to hurt or to heal...which would you chose to hear and which would you say? Let's explore the power of words, stigma and our UU Principles and work to seek language that accepts and affirms the inherent worth and dignity of all.