Sunday Services Archive

June 1st: A Church for All Souls

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– Rev. Wendy Pantoja  
The third principle invites us to encourage the spirituality of others. To many this means that people with humanist, Buddhist, pagan or Christian leanings will find a spiritual home in our churches. But how prepared are we to welcome persons with physical, mental, or developmental challenges?

This worship service takes place at 11:00 AM.

June 8th: Of Wings, Roots, and Flowers

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– Rev. Wendy Pantoja 
“Roots hold me close’ wings set me free,” cries out one of our hymns.  “Let me flower, help me flower,” pleads another.  In this family service we celebrate our journey in faith development and recognize our teachers with our annual Teacher Appreciation.  

We will also celebrate the community we are and the community we are becoming with our annual Flower Ceremony. Bring a flower to share. Take back a different flower to remind you of the beautiful bouquet that is our liberal religious community.

Bring your biological family and your chosen family of friends.  All are welcome here.

This worship service takes place at 11:00 AM.

June 15th: The Father in Me

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– Michael Malone

The energies, presence and attributes of “Father” abound in the world, both within us and all around us. These qualities complement those of “Mother,” and when we cultivate – and celebrate – their harmony we grow fuller and more complete. Join us for this Father’s Day Service as we honor the spirit of the generative and benevolent father.

This worship service takes place at 11:00 AM.

June 22nd: Searching, Souvenirs, and Spirited Stuff

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– Roxane Pickens  
The possibility of summertime travel invites action on our fourth Unitarian Universalist principle, the free and responsible search for truth and meaning.  Join us in reflection on the things we find when we go seeking, even when our search keeps us very close to home.

You are welcome to bring with you a small souvenir or other object of significance as a focal point for our meditative moment.

This worship service takes place at 11:00 AM.

June 29th: Serving the Forgotten

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-Friends of Miami Dade Detainees

Service is our prayer. Come learn how we are living our first UU principal through serving the immigrant detainee community in Miami. Hear true stories of need right in our community and how we are trying to help.

This worship service takes place at 11:00 AM.